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sábado, 29 de março de 2014

Exposição «Renate Binning» [ Lisboa ]

Renate Binning
[ exposição de pintura ]
29 Março a 11 Abril 2014
Colorida Art Gallery, Lisboa

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COCKTAIL DE INAUGURAÇÃO: SÁBADO, 29 de Março, pelas 19:00 horas
Patente até 11 de Abril de 2014, de Terça à Sábado

Colorida Art Gallery
Costa do Castelo, 63, Lisboa
Tel 218 853 347

A pintura de Renate Binnig emerge do equilíbrio entre a realidade e a fantasia. A liberdade criativa não é fruto de uma conquista, mas sim uma qualidade natural da artista. A sobreposição do imaginário na realidade é um desafio a nossa capacidade de interpretação. José Roberto Moreira

Transporte público: Eléctrico 12 ou 28, Autocarro 737 - Metro Martim Moniz. Estacionamento Portas do Sol ou Chão do Loureiro

"Renate Binnig's paintings take us into the twilight zone between dream and reality. They open our eyes to sanctuaries where time seems to stand still. A fragile balance between a fabulous magical world and the look into a baneful abyss – this is what Renate Binnig's paintings consist of. She describes her art as the language of her soul, as words which come to life through colours and brush strokes. Renate Binnig's art is expressed through abstract figures. She masters the moment of suspense between calm composition and narrative detail. Her choice of motifs and picture composition seem to be deliberate and yet they are the casual result of an intuitive, emotional process, like an adventurous journey through a partly familiar and wonderful landscape where the artist meets new challenges over and over again. The artist experiences this process as both tantalising and moving but often as hard work too. To her, painting is life in a compressed form. The intensive dialogue with painting techniques and imagery gives all her paintings a message, which is mystic, surreal and mysterious. Renate Binnig's imagery circles around our allusions, fears and anxiety but also our hopes and desires. The theme of interaction between intimacy and distance, as determined by life in many ways, is a recurring theme, repeatedly displayed in a almost painful manner. Themes of mythology are touched; the artist pursues questions of harmony and movement. She engages in landscapes, figurative images and the human face but not in terms of a realistic portrayal but to mirror a state of mind. She alienates, explores stylistic means of surrealism: single motifs seem real but they do not really fit together. Reality mixes with nightmare, illusion with the subconscious.The colours in Renate Binnig's paintings are subdued like velvet, they evoke a particular mood. The artist cleverly plays with the contrasts of hot and cold, bright and dull, light and dark. She makes her colours compete with each other, or she indulges in a state of meditation. She savours the thrill of constrasting stillness and movement. The titles of her paintings are an important part of her works and ought to inspire the observer to think freely about certain themes" Dr. Barbel Schafer.

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Colorida Art Gallery
Costa do Castelo, 63, 1100-335 Lisboa
t. 21 885 33 47 /
website [ 1 ] / website [ 2 ] / facebook
38° 42' 53.30" N 9° 8' 0.80" W

fotografia de abertura - um interessante trabalho de Renate Binning - do sítio internet Colorida Art [ facebook ] a quem agradecemos.
fotografia da Colorida Art Gallery do sítio internet Colorida Art [ facebook ] a quem agradecemos.

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